About us

We offer a service developed as an answer to professional and amateur athletes needs in what sports apparel is concerned. The service provides uniforms for a large range of sports, fully customizable according to the team’s visual identity. We offer a jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, and also training and warm-up apparel designed from high quality fabrics in order to offer the athlete the optimal comfort he needs to reach his performance goals.

Customizable sports apparel can be a great incentive for sports enthusiasts to go out more often. Our site is provided by Metropolis, an experienced company when it comes to sportswear production and customization. With over 20 years in the field, Metropolis has constantly developed its practices in order to offer its clients high quality products designed to support high performance.
We believe that professional teams and clubs should have, first and foremost, an impactful visual identity. We help professional teams to achieve their visual impact goals by offering high quality customizable products.

Explore our website, try our tools, be creative and build your custom sportswear!